WWE veteran Vince Russo on comparisons between The Judgment Day and The Brood

WWE veterans Vince Russo and Road Dogg recently discussed the comparisons between the Finn Balor-led stable, The Judgment Day, and Attitude Era’s The Brood.

For those unaware, The Brood, comprised of Edge, AEW Star Christian, and Gangrel is one of the most popular factions of the last century. The trio’s ‘gothic lifestyle’ and eerie presentation gave them a distinct personality.

Naturally, fans have drawn comparisons between them and the current WWE RAW stable, The Judgment Day, which also dabbles in supernatural and goth.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Wrestling Outlaws, Vince Russo shared his views on the same. The former WWE writer explained that while Edge, Christian, and Gangrel were fresh when The Brood was put together, The Judgment Day had been ‘beaten to death’ even before they joined forces.

“By the time they put Finn Balor, Damian (Priest), and Rhea (Ripley) together, they had beaten them to death. So when you saw the debut of The Brood, that was the debut for all of them. They all went from there. I think what really hurt these guys (Judgment Day) is just the fact they beat them to death even before they brought them all back together. So, I think, with that, they lose a bit of credibility. Bro, this was the first time we saw Christian, Edge, and Gangrel right out of the shoot. I think that’s a huge, huge difference, booking-wise,” said Vince Russo. (0:37 – 1:31)

Road Dogg then chimed in with his views, saying he disagreed with Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest being ‘beaten to death’ as ​​they were booked strongly. As for Balor, Dogg added that the former WWE Universal Champion could reinvent himself and quickly become popular as the fans today were very ‘fickle.’

“They have beaten Finn Balor to death, that’s for sure. But the two other two (Priest and Ripley), I think they have done pretty well bringing from NXT. The positive for me is that Finn Balor can kind of reinvent himself and I think the fans today are a little fickle, ‘Ohh, he’s cool, I love him again.’ So, right, wrong, or indifferent, they judge on a curve,” said Road Dogg. (1:32 – 2:00)

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WWE Executive Road Dogg on why The Brood is a hard act to follow

Furthermore, Road Dogg stated that he agreed with Vince Russo’s take on why The Judgment Day paled compared to The Brood.

The WWE legend feels that the trio of Edge, Christian, and Gangrel were ‘cutting edge’ for their times, and replicating something like that today would be termed ‘copying.’

“I like what they are doing with the Judgment Day, but I think, to Vince’s point, The Brood was something so cool, so new, and so cutting edge, that when we do something like this with the three current superstars, it’s like copying and it always ends up in the shadows. So, it’s a hard act to follow for those three guys,” added Dogg. (2:00 – 2:25)

Do you agree with Vince Russo and Road Dogg’s views on the comparisons between The Brood and The Judgment Day? Sound off in the comments below.

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