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Roman vs. Tyson Fury Match Potentially Discussed

Logan Paul may not have been WWE’s first choice for Roman Reigns’ opponent at Crown Jewel.

Dave Meltzer too Wrestling Observer Radio said WWE initially wanted to set up Reigns vs. Tyson Fury.

“I’m sure, at some point, they want to do that [Reigns vs. Fury]. They did that faceoff [at Clash at the Castle] for that reason,” Meltzer said (8-minute mark). “But the time is not now, because Tyson Fury is going to finish his boxing career before he does something like that. Or he’s got a fight on the horizon, he didn’t want to risk that fight by getting hurt in a wrestling match, so it was Logan Paul.”

Fury and Reigns briefly shared the ring after the latter’s win over Drew McIntyre but did not come to blows. Instead, Fury took to the ring and led a sing-along with a defeated McIntyre, much to the confusion of the audience watching at home.

While the staredown seemed to indicate an angle was on the horizon, it was instead largely dropped in favor of Reigns’ announced match against Paul for the Saudi show. The YouTuber-turned-boxer-turned-wrestler has been impressive during his short wrestling career, but there is almost no one who sees him as a legitimate threat to unseat Reigns.

Fury, by contrast, was far less impressive during his WWE debut against Braun Strowman in 2019. That said, Reigns has publicly said the lineal heavyweight champion is capable of being a star in pro wrestling.

“I think he is 100 percent built for what we do,” Reigns said Behind the Gloves. “He’s a sportsman, he’s a showman, he’s a great entertainer. He has a deep, you know, a great experience of what it takes to be that guy, to be in that position. So I think it’s just only a matter of time and obviously on what he wants to do. So I think it’d be a perfect fit for sure.”

Randy Orton Remains Out With Back Injury

No news is, well, not great news in regards to Randy Orton’s WWE return.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported Orton remains out of the picture with a back injury.

Orton has not been on television since he and Matt Riddle lost a tag team championship unification match to the Usos on the May 20 edition of SmackDown. It’s been essentially radio silence in the four months since, with no word from WWE or Orton’s camp about when he might be back in action.

With Riddle being laser-focused on his feud with Seth Rollins in recent weeks, even the onscreen mentions of Orton have been few and far between.

Unless WWE is planning a surprise, it would be a shock to see Orton back in the ring before the calendar year flips to 2023 at this point.

Booker T Names His WWE Mount Rushmore

Booker T is playing it safe with his WWE Mount Rushmore.

“I’m not one of these Rushmore-like type guys,” Booker T said on his end Hall of Fame podcast. “But as far as WWE Mount Rushmore, it would definitely be Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena and, probably, Triple H.”

Some may quibble with Triple H making the list over Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker or Hulk Hogan—although the latter can be left off for very justifiable reasons—but Booker came up with a straightforward, no-frills list that’s hard to find issue with.

Austin and The Rock defined the Attitude Era, while Triple H and Cena both had reigns of excellence that spanned multiple eras in WWE.

Perhaps the only surprise factor in Triple H being included on the list was the fact Booker took the loss to Hunter at WrestleMania 19. Most fans and critics felt Booker T should have gone over in that feud, particularly because of the questionable content in some Triple H promos leading up to the match.

In the end, it doesn’t appear Booker harbors any hard feelings for the loss.

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