Safety of players on the football field

BROOKLAND, Ark. (KAIT) – Whether on the field or in practice, your child risks injury.

Injuries are rising with the increasing popularity of “big hits.”

Some players are not taught how to hit properly until high school.

Michael Stinnett knows about this all too well. He is a former football player and a father of a Brookland football player.

“Sometimes you just have a mentality, kind of maybe like I had, just hit them hard, and that can lead to a lot of hurt for kids in that capacity,” said Michael Stinnett, a Brookland parent.

Over the past two weeks, two players in Northeast Arkansas were airlifted with serious injuries.

Brookland School District has a personal trainer present at practices to rush in in case of serious injury.

“It is not something they practice every day; I think as trainers we take a lot of the burden off them,” said Brian Griffith, the Brookland Athletic Trainer.

Griffith said he deals with anything from a sprained ankle to spinal or brain injury.

During a game, coaches are stressed. Wondering what play to run next. Making substitutions run properly, so they cannot pay very much attention to players with a sprained ankle or another type of injury.

“If you physical therapy then go to physical therapy or I can take care of you right here, and it just takes a lot of the burden of the coaches,” said Griffith.

Stinnett could not be happier to have a trained and experienced athletic trainer on standby.

“To have someone paying attention to them coming in and paying attention to them coming off the field and going on the field, it is invaluable.”


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