One X One: Barracks 0 – Racing 0

In Uno x Uno we bring you the score of the tie between Racing and Barracas for the Professional League. Here, the details of the One X One Barracks 0 – Racing 0 Do you agree with Racing d’Alma?

1-chila gomez (8): The person responsible for racing is not giving up. Covered four keys to drop the target to zero.

4-Ivan Pilud (6.5): His defense on the line, with the close corner, became crucial to keep the goal at night. Then he lost many in the division.

8-Jonathan Galvan (4.5): Bad with the ball, he made several deliveries and was not clean out. In the trail he often lost and was badly stopped.

6-Lucas Orban (7.5): lower column. A bump to the head when always won from above, it took a lot of bite and was loud in the brand. gave a lot of protection

33-Gonzalo Piovti (4.5): He went up very little and lost many deliveries due to bad deliveries. Sometimes it was half in the mark.

19-Lolo Miranda (4): Bad with the ball, always performing poorly and taking wrong decisions. You can only highlight its deployment.

29-Anibal Moreno (3.5): He lost a lot in the brand, it cost him and he faced the direct game that Barracas had proposed. Too bad with the ball.

22-Carlos Alcaraz (3): He went into an area where you couldn’t. He kept it when he had to play and played when he had to continue. Wrong and terribly wrong on the mark.

10-Matia Rojas (6): Far from the level of the last two games, but he was the most dangerous of the attack. Some overflow and a poor definition that could have been the winning goal.


15-Maxi Romero (5): Some good returns, mostly quick. He won two races and one after another which Gagliardo covered very well.

7-Gabriel Houche (4.5): A bomber from outside that went in and a blowout that went out. Then he had to spend a lot.

Racing’s One X One: Scores of Choices Against Barracas

One X One Racing Barracks
One X One of Racing with Barracks.

17-Johann Carbonero (4.5): He was the one who had the most time off the bench, but it cost him. Just a nice overflow that ended with a bad center.

28-Thomas Chankale (5): He entered the center first and it cost him. It had two nice overflows and some pepper when more was thrown in, but very little.

11-Jonathan Gomez (5): He just added a few minutes which was not enough to change anything.

DT: Fernando Gago (3): A team that was barely present and was able to implement their idea in the first 20 minutes. Although the playing field was a disaster, the racing did not show an idea and even Barracas Central outplayed it. It got worse with a very bad second half and changes. He was playing messy, stalled badly and without any clarity. The Academy continues to pass up opportunities to engage in the title fight.

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