Netizens outrage over clock controversy at CWG during India-Aus hockey match

Controversy erupted during India’s hockey match with Australia at the Commonwealth Games on Friday after the referee granted another penalty shoot to Australia after they missed their first shot, citing the clock malfunction. The Australian hockey team defeated India 3-0 in the penalty shootout, ending India’s bid for gold in the country’s national sport at the CWG games.

India put up a valiant effort to restrict Australia to 1-1 during regulation time, with captain Savita Punia heroically saving two penalty corners with just a minute left for the final hooter, taking the game into penalty shooters.

During the penalty shootouts, Australia’s Malone missed her first attempt with a fine save from goalkeeper Savita. However, the authorities gave the Aussies a do-over, citing that the clock timer had not yet started. In the second chance, the Aussie penalty shooter scored a goal while the other two Aussies also scored the shots, which eventually led to their victory.

The team was distraught and the Indian coach condemned the incident. “I just don’t understand. Australia wasn’t complaining… I don’t think even many officials understood what had happened… it’s not an excuse but that didn’t help us for sure,” said India coach Janneke Schopman during the shootout drama.

However, the second attempt granted to the Australian hockey player did not sit well with netizens, who said the Indian team had to take the rap for the incompetence exhibited by the tournament organizers. They accused the International Hockey Federation of snatching the chance for the Indian team to win gold at the CWG games and denying India a chance to compete in the finals with such a pathetic display of management at an international level.

Social media slams referee, CWG and FIH over clock malfunction during Indian hockey team’s semi-final match against Australia

Virender Sehwag, a former India cricketer who does not mince words in expressing his opinions on social media, called out the biasedness of the authorities and said that such things wouldn’t happen if India became a superpower in hockey.

A social media user shared the picture of the referee and said she was playing as the 12th person against India’s 11 on-field.

Another Twitter user expressed shock over how the clock did not start in the semi-final match.

Still another social media user was dejected over the mismanagement at the CWG games where the referee granted another penalty shoot to Australia because the clock did not start.

Nevertheless, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) on Saturday apologized for the clock controversy that took place during the Indian women’s team’s semifinal loss against Australia at the Commonwealth Games, saying it would “thoroughly review” the incident.

“The process in place for such situations is that the penalty shootout has to be retaken, which was done. This incident will be thoroughly reviewed by the FIH in order to avoid any similar issues in the future,” the statement added.

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