Mike Tyson advised to stay away from Jimmy Kimmel, Mayweather vs Asakura details, Ronaldo shows boxing skill and more

Mike Tyson being advised to stay away from Jimmy Kimmel, Floyd Mayweather vs. Mikuru Asakura details, Cristiano Ronaldo showcasing his boxing skills, and Logan Paul appearing with his girlfriend for the first time on camera, has made it to today’s Boxing New Round-Up.

With that said, welcome to today’s edition of the SportsKeeda Boxing News Round Up, where we take a look at the latest happenings in the world of boxing. Let’s get started:

#4 Mike Tyson advised to stay away from Jimmy Kimmel

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has been a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show in the past and is set to make yet another appearance. The two were once again spotted together ahead of their upcoming televised interaction.

Mike Tyson’s YouTube channel released an exclusive video where the crew described how they would ask him to read a few words on air. It is worth noting that Tyson had a troubled childhood and never attended school.

While Mike Tyson’s recent video was loved by fans, a few fans even ridiculed Jimmy Kimmel and advised ‘Iron Mike’ to stay away from him. Take a look at a few reactions.

Fan reactionFan reaction



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