Mailbag #33: Almost To Hockey Season

RALEIGH, NC. – The NFL preseason is underway and before you know it, the NHL action will be ongoing too.

Heck, as of today, there are just over 50 days until the team’s first exhibition contest. We’re really down to the final few weeks of offseason, y’all.

What’s the deal with Necas? – @Colin_Perry

The deal is that other things with time constraints just had to get done first. Ethan Bear and Max Lajoie both filed for salary arbitration, so if there was going to be an agreement with either before their hearings, it had to be before August 8 and 9. As we see in the case of Bearas well as other RFAs around the league, a lot of parties like to avoid going to arbitration if they can.

Lajoie’s hearing is set for next week, Tuesday to be specific, so after that reaches an end Necas would appear to be the only domino left to fall.

Don Waddell has said several times that it will get done with the team is “absolutely” committed to keeping him, so right now it just remains a test of patience for the fans. Hang in there.

Video: [email protected]: Necas buries coast-to-coast SHG

Do we have an ETA for an outdoor sweater reveal? – @andyjohnson_

As shared before, the Canes are at the whim of the league and adidas on this one.

What other information do we have?

Last year’s Stadium Series contest in Nashville between the Lightning and Predators took place on February 26.

When did the jerseys come out? December 2.

That timeframe may mean nothing, or it may be something that the corporations follow suit on again this year.

Ballpark as to when we might know more details about roster/timing/ticketing of the Prospect Showcase? – @apritch61

Cliché, but, very soon!

The finishing touches are being put on now and it’ll be made public shortly. It would not surprise me if it is next week, or the one after that.

Any idea if the Canes5K is still happening this year? I loved going last September and I believe the official announcement came in early July 2021. Would be great to see the players there again too! – @ImoveCar

I can confirm it will be happening!

Official announcement coming very, very soon. Another thing I expect to be out within the next week or so.

Regarding the Athletics grading of the Hurricanes contracts, I noticed Jake Gardiner was not slotted in. I’m guessing that is due to CapFriendly listing him as LTIR. How long do the Canes have to get right in terms of the salary cap at the beginning of the season? – @LikeFiftyNinjas

I can’t speak for The Athletic, but I can focus on the question asked at the end.

Basically, the Canes have until the day before the league’s Opening Night to get compliant. When the league announced the Opening Night rosters for the 2021-22 campaign, Jack Drury and Eetu Makiniemi were listed for Carolina. While Drury would eventually go on to play games in December, we know that Makiniemi did not dress for the club at any point. Now, those also had to do with Vincent Trocheck being on injured reserve, so a bit of juggling was going on, but just know that should a similar situation arise again this year, that sort of effort is possible.

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