“It’s not going to be fun”- Alpine’s Esteban Ocon expects a tricky race at 2022 F1 Singapore GP

Alpine driver Esteban Ocon believes the Singapore Grand Prix will be a physically challenging race, admitting that the circuit is not one of his favorites.

F1 is heading to the Marina Bay Street Circuit for the Singapore GP. This will be the venue’s first F1 race in three years.

Speaking to the on-site media at the Italian GP, โ€‹โ€‹including Sportskeeda, Ocon said:

“It’s gonna be very bumpy. A big challenge, I think, for us very physically. I love Singapore, but the track itself is not my favorite, I have to say. They are like go-karts on curbs, so it’s gonna be a tricky one. It’s not going to be fun. We’re up for the challenge.”

Tricky race. On to the next. Grazie Monza, semper un piacere ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ https://t.co/4a1LuPy1Ly

Singapore’s hot and unpredictable weather, as well as the bumpy surface of the Marina Bay Street Circuit, will pose challenges to the new-generation F1 cars.

However, Estaban Ocon is curious to know the different approaches and setups that teams will use in the next race weekend. He said:

“It’s going to be interesting also to see who chooses what in terms of setup. If you go for the car that rides well or if you go for the car that gives grip, it’s always a tradeoff.”

Former F1 driver reckons Esteban Ocon would make a difficult teammate for Pierre Gasly

Former F1 driver Paul di Resta feels Esteban Ocon would make a difficult teammate for Pierre Gasly, who has been rumored to join Alpine for the 2023 season. However, the Scotsman believes the Alpha Tauri driver will still be a great addition to the team.

Commenting on the Frenchman’s rapport with Gasly on Sky Sports F1, Di Resta said:

“It’s no secret that he and Esteban Ocon don’t necessarily get on too well. I don’t think too many teammates get on with Ocon, to be honest. You heard Fernando on the radio. They work together on track but off it Sergio Perez had the same issue.

“This is about compensation for [Alpine] to be able to then go Gasly. A double-French line-up would be great. Gasly in that system, with the way he is driving, would be a credit.”

Although Pierre Gasly is rumored to be joining Alpine, Esteban Ocon has been vocal about his preference for a teammate โ€” Mick Schumacher.

So far, there has been no confirmation regarding who the French team will select as their second driver. However, there has been speculation about a shootout test for drivers. Nico Hulkenberg, Daniel Ricciardo, and Antonio Giovinazzi are all linked to the shootout.

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Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh


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