‘I Won’t Go to See It’: Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Refused to Watch His Own Daughter Fight as ‘Women Are Not Physically…’

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is widely regarded as the greatest boxer of all time. Along with being an exceptional boxer, he was also a person who worked for the welfare of the people. His values ​​and boxing prowess even earned him the moniker, ‘The People’s Champion’. Ali has inspired hundreds of young boxers, but he once refused to watch his own daughter’s fight.

Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Laila Ali, also turned out to become a fine boxer. However, her father did not approve of her going inside the squared circle. Back in the day, the former heavyweight champion was in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.


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As the conversation progressed, she asked Ali, “Did you just not believe in women fighting?”

The veteran athlete replied, “Women are not physically constructed to take a blow to their breasts.”

“I don’t think people are built for that. But after you decided to get behind Laila, I saw you in a milk ad together. And now I hear she’s fighting Joe Frazier’s daughter,” said Winfrey.

Ali further added, “I won’t go to see it. Laila is only 22. She should be able to beat her, and I’m going to help her. Joe Frazier is going to help his daughter, too.”

Although Ali didn’t want his daughter to fight, he acted as a supportive father and helped her in her boxing endeavours.

Laila Ali discusses the conversation she had with Muhammad Ali before becoming a professional boxer

Laila Ali wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a professional boxer. She once recalled her conversation with her father before turning pro. She stated, “Well, Daddy, I want to tell you I’m going into professional boxing, and I love you, and I want your support, and I want to tell you that even if I don’t have your support, I’m going to do it anyway.”


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Laila described that her father, who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, said in a frail voice, “But I don’t want you to get hurt.”

A confident Laila told her dad, “Daddy, I’m not going to get hurt. I’m going to be fighting women, not men. And I have your genetics.”

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And just like her father, Laila Ali turned out to be a sensational boxer, and she retired with an undefeated record of 24-0. In the interim, what do you think about Muhammad Ali’s conversation with Oprah?

Do you agree or disagree with what he said? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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