GTA 6 Is Finally Realizing Vice City’s Promise

Grand Theft Auto 6 is sure to raise the series bar across the board, but updating one feature in particular can pay homage to the original Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto 6 has an extraordinary legacy to live up to, including that of the robberies of one of his predecessors, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Vice City is one of the franchise’s most iconic titles, and it is rumored to share similarities with the upcoming one GTA 6. There are certainly plenty of elements that GTA 6 is sure to carry over from previous games, but robberies are high on the list, first introduced in GTA: Vice City and subsequently becoming a staple of the series. With the amount of time and talent that Rockstar Games is dedicating to the next Grand Theft Autoplayers may be in for a pleasant surprise.


For some time now, rumors have been circulating regarding Grand Theft Auto 6‘s connection to GTA: Vice City. The most literal connection would be GTA 6 using the Vice City setting updated for the modern day. Of course, beyond its setting, GTA: Vice City is known for introducing a number of elements to the franchise, including the ability to actually enter and rob stores while exploring the open world. With GTA 6 potentially letting players loose in a next-generation Vice City, this staple of the setting may also be getting an overhaul.

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Since its introduction in Grand Theft Auto: Vice Citythe ability to rob stores has persisted throughout the GTA franchise, with its most recent iteration in Grand Theft Auto V being the most sophisticated. While Vice City‘s robberies were formulaic, requiring players to aim at clerks for set intervals and rewarding them with a fixed dollar amount, GTA 5‘s robberies are more complex, particularly those in GTA Online. If that trend continues, the next generation of store robberies is in GTA 6 will show a grittier Vice City than even the original game.

GTA 6 Can Bring Vice City’s Robberies Into The Next Generation

GTA Online‘s robberies allow players to shoot at the store’s products or physically yell at the clerk through their microphone to make them go faster, and have a random chance of civilians in the area trying to intervene. It even accounts for how often a given store has been robbed, adjusting the clerk’s reactions and the player’s desired level accordingly. In Grand Theft Auto 6, improved AI and more dynamic interactions could take these robberies to the next level. Even the gap between Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 was significant, so it’s quite likely that the leap to GTA 6 will improve on GTA 5‘s immersion on a number of levels.

For years, Rockstar has proven that the technological leaps they make between games are sure to be substantial. If the ties between Grand Theft Auto 6 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City end up being as meaningful as some claim, a great way to pay homage to the original would be to revamp this now-integral element of the series. Grand Theft Auto may be outlandish, but Rockstar is no stranger to creating highly detailed open worlds, so fans can trust that Grand Theft Auto 6 will offer the most immersive and dynamic robberies the series has seen.

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