Every Team In AEW’s Trios Division, Ranked From Worst To Best

The AEW trios division has only become official recently, with the inaugural champions being crowned at the All Out event in 2022, but the company has been putting a focus on this style of wrestling from its inception. Tony Khan has pushed several great trios teams from the beginning, and he has consistently added to that.

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There are plenty of great teams in AEW right now, all of which offer something completely different from the other. That is what helps fans invest in the division, and the competitive nature of it is going to help fans continue to care about it on a weekly basis.


10 The Embassy

The Embassy is a strange trios group, as there is no doubt an abundance of talent, but they have barely been used since being established as a group, which means that a lot of people do not care or even know about them. They have mainly been featured in Ring Of Honor, but they are an option for AEW as well.

This group is supposed to be all about Brian Cage, who is someone that a lot of people think highly of, while Kaun, & Toa Liona have shown potential as well. But, the fact Tully Blanchard has already been pulled from this group isn’t a good sign for their future, giving people no reason to invest.

9 The Trustbusters

The Trustbusters are a brand new team that AEW is working hard to try and put over, but because they are so fresh there is still a lot of development needed. The majority of their storytelling has taken place on AEW Dark, which hasn’t helped their case because not everyone is watching that show.

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Ariya Daivari, Slim J, and Parker Boudreaux all have very different in-ring styles and that doesn’t necessarily translate perfectly when it comes to their matches. But, the main reason they’re a weaker part of the division is the fact that people just haven’t invested in them as a unit yet.

8 Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh & Sonjay Dutt

These three men have been showcased together a lot as of late in AEW, but they have never actually competed in a match, which makes them difficult to rank. They are clearly all on the same page and have strong chemistry, and that is something that has helped get them over as heels.

Having them step into the ring to compete would work well at this point, even if Sonjay Dutt doesn’t want to do too much physically. Jay Lethal could carry the work while it gives Satnam Singh an easy way to showcase himself.

7 Blackpool Combat Club

Blackpool Combat Club brings four incredible wrestlers together with a ton of star power and in-ring ability, which makes them an amazing faction. They can rotate whoever they want in and out of their official trios team, but right now it is unclear whether or not they’re going to jump into this division.

Because of that, they cannot be considered one of the best teams, simply because they’ve all been so focused on other things. However, putting them into it would be a wise decision due to how much skill they all have.

6 Eddie Kingston, Santana, & Ortiz

Right now it’s hard to rank this trio highly due to the fact that Santana is legitimately hurt, however, when he is back in action this would be a force to be reckoned with. All three men have similar personalities, with their ability to talk trash and then fight in the ring being a joy to watch.

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They back up everything they say while having a clear friendship as they do things. They don’t allow others to talk trash about them, and that is something that helps to make them an established group.

5 The Dark Order

The Dark Order have been one of AEW’s top factions for a long time, and while their push has been hit and miss at times, they are popular among the AEW fanbase. While they are no longer pushed as dark characters, instead their slightly goofy comedy is something that has translated well.

They have several great wrestlers that can be used in this group as well, and that allows for plenty of interchangeable styles. Plus, when they can add Hangman Page there is a real push in terms of star power, which helps them even further.

4 House Of Black

House Of Black are an amazing trio that has detailed character development with everything they do. They bring a darker edge to the roster, which is something that no other team is able to provide, and that in itself helps to make them a joy to watch.

Malakai Black brings amazing striking abilities, while Buddy Matthews has a lot more pace and aerial qualities, with Brody King being the heavy of the group. While their future is unclear right now due to Black’s status being up in the air, if they stick together as a unit, there’s no doubt of their strength.

3 Death Triangle

Death Triangle were a strange group on paper at first, as placing PAC with the Lucha Bros seemed like a random situation at first, but that hasn’t been the case. PAC’s arrogant and aggressive attitude has suited the tag team perfectly, and the chemistry that they have created over the years is undeniable.

Because they have been presented as a unit for such a long time it is easy for fans to buy into them in that way, as it is clear they have been fighting for each other. But, the main reason they’re such a good trios team is the fact their in-ring styles are perfect for being partners.

2 Best friends

Best Friends are another well-established unit in AEW’s trios division, with Chuck Taylor, Trent, and Orange Cassidy being fantastic together. They have a long history as legitimate friends, therefore seeing them compete and fight for each other is something that people can get excited about.

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Inside the ring, all three men are brilliant wrestlers, but the reason fans love them is because of their ability to entertain and tell stories. Audiences have become invested in them, and their over-the-top personalities, and that is something that will lead to them playing a big part in this division.

1 The Elite

There is a reason why Tony Khan made The Elite the inaugural Trios Champions, and why he refused to officially kickstart the division until Kenny Omega returned. Simply put, they are the best trios team in the company, as they’re legitimately close and have grown through the years together.

Their history dates back further than AEW, and because they’re pivotal parts in the company existing in the first place they’re easy for fans to buy into. The three wrestlers also work styles that mesh perfectly, and that helps to make their matches an absolute joy to watch each week.

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