Boxing: Remembering Mike Tyson’s ballsy move to wear an Argentina jersey to Brazilian court

Mike Tyson has done a lot of wild stuff throughout his lifetime, but the story we are about to tell you has to be up there among the craziest he’s ever done. This definitely tops the two times she bit Evander Holyfield’s ear, or that time he told a journalist he wanted to get intimate with him.

It also definitely tops the many psychedelic journeys he’s ever had because Tyson truly played with fire during his visit to the country of Brazil. But ‘Iron’ Mike was completely unharmed despite doing what he did because hurting Mike Tyson at the time it was something that not everyone was brave enough to do.

Tyson’s Diego Maradona jersey

Before we move on with the story, we want to tell you the story of how Mike Tyson was invited to Diego Maradona’s short-lived television program known as ‘The Night of the 10th‘. A show that aired for a short period of time but had many incredible guests nonetheless.

One of these legends was none other than the former heavyweight champion of the world. Diego Maradona was so happy with Tyson, that he gifted him with an autographed jersey. Mike cherished it ever since but this is very important for the story we are about to tell you.

The year was 2005 and Mike Tyson got in serious trouble for punching a local news cameraman during his visit to Brazil. It happened when Tyson was comign out of a night club in the city of Sao Paulo, this cameraman had been following him all night. Mike didn’t like it and he allegedly snapped violently against the reporter.

Tyson denied he hurt the man but he did destroy his entire camera equipment. The name of this reporter is Carlos Da Silva Melo and he reported the incident to the authorities. What Tyson did after that will go down as the most Mike Tyson thing he’s ever done.

On the same evening, Da Silva Melo called the cops and they apprehended Mike at the next club he visited. They took his statement and asked him to go to court the next day to pay for damages. Tyson agreed but got this, he wore that same Diego Maradona Argentina Jersey to the Brazilian judge. Those who know about the rivalry between these two countries are aware that Mike Tyson’s provocation sparked outrage in the entire country. What a legend.


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